Computer & Metal Recycling in Acworth 11-2-13

No room in the house to store that gigantic ball of tin foil any more?  Have you finally figured out that it will cost more to fix that broken-down old TV than it would to buy a better one?

acworth 2

Acworth, Georgia

Bring your old metallic junk to Acworth’s Sports Complex near South Main Street on Saturday, November 2, 2013, from 9 AM until 3 PM and recycle it at Computer, Electronics and Metal Recycling Day.

Federal Recyclers and the City of Acworth want you to think Green!

What can be recycled?  Well, if it’s made of metal or you can plug it in, they can recycle it.  For example:

  • Old barbeque grills
  • lawn mowers
  • metal patio furniture
  • car parts
  • old bicycles
  • gutters
  • metal siding
  • metal fencing and exercise equipment

can all be recycled.

Nobody’s going to tease you for buying other people’s junk at garage sales all year long.  Just think of all the extra room you’ll have when you ditch it all!

All metal and electronics recycling is free, except for a $15 fee for computer monitors and a $20 fee for televisions.

Federal Recyclers also accepts paint for recycling.  The recycling fee is $2 for pint- or gallon-sized cans, and a $7 charge for five-gallon cans.  Please leave labels on paint cans because some paints are hazardous waste and need to be separated for controlled recycling.

Click here to view the complete list of approved items for recycling.