Lake Allatoona Fishing Report (7-2-14)

First Bite Guide Service

First Bite Guide Service

Robert Eidson’s Lake Allatoona Fishing Report is provided by First Bite Guide Service.  When you’re ready to catch stripers and hybrids, contact Robert at 770-827-6282 or by e-mail at: [email protected].

Line Sides: Great!!  The bite this week is a carbon copy of last week and maybe a little better.  The summer bite is in full swing and we are catching a ton of fish downlining and pulling umbrella rigs on the south end of the lake.

The dissolved oxygen levels have plummeted up north and the fish have all moved south to between Bartow-Carver and the dam.  Check Clear, Stamp, McKaskey Creeks and Cooper Branch on up to the Bethany Bridge area and into the Allatoona Creek Arm.

The thermocline is starting to set up at about 28 feet.  We are catching all of our fish either downlining or trolling u-rigs between 18-28 feet.  Downlining a threadfin shad is absolutely the best bite on the lake, with trolling running a close second.

But remember we are in the Dog Days of Summer and shad will die quickly on the line, so take a lot of bait or keep a bucket of shiners as a back-up.  They’re biting shiners about 25 percent as well as they’re hitting the threadfins, but you’ll need to match the size of your hook to the size of your bait or the fish won’t hit.  For example, a size 6 Gamakatsu octopus on a medium shiner is a good match.  When using smaller hooks, be sure to use quality hooks so the fish don’t straighten them out.

The Awesome topwater bite we had is gone.  I have ridden from one end of the lake to the other this week and have seen very little topwater activity.  Hopefully it will pick back up soon.


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