Annual DNR Law Enforcement Report for 2013

DNR Law Enforcement Division ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

DNR Law Enforcement Division ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Reality television programs are nowhere near as interesting as what goes on around Lake Allatoona.  Get a dose of reality by reading the Law Enforcement Reports from Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources.  You won’t even have to endure stupid commercials.

Here’s a bit of what’s happened since our last episode:

  • Hunting turkey out of season, hunting with illegal weapon/ammo (30-06) – Lamar County
  • Hunting waterfowl after hours, hunting waterfowl with lead shot, hunting with unplugged shotgun, hunting without hunting license, waterfowl license or hunter education – Richmond County
  • Sgt. Mike Barr takes an Army Airborne Wounded Warrior and his son deer hunting – Bartow County
  • Additional hunting violation citations – several counties

Not juicy enough for you?  That’s OK.  Just click on the link below and get a recap of what Rangers did in all of 2013!

The Wildlife Resource Division protects Georgia’s wildlife by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to:

  • game and nongame animals
  • threatened and endangered plants and animals
  • exotic animals
  • boating safety
  • litter and waste control
  • and other natural resource issues.

We appreciate DNR’s efforts to keep the wild outdoors as tame as possible.

Click Here for Law Enforcement Reports