Race 4 Birds Foundation Promotes Youth Birding


Race 4 Birds Foundation

The Race 4 Birds Foundation — a non-profit organization formed to promote birding (birdwatching) competitions for young people nationwide — is spreading its wings.  First inspired by the Georgia Youth Birding Competition launched in 2006 by biologist Tim Keyes, this new group hopes to see birding take flight all across America.

Birding competitions are based on the number of bird species identified in a specified area during a time period – usually 24-hours.

Co-founded by internationally known birder, photographer, author Richard Crossley, the Race 4 Birds Foundation, Inc. (R4B) uses the internet, social media and networking to reach thousands of organizations nationwide with step-by-step guidance about how to organize their own youth birding competitions.

The Foundation also plans to recognize the best youth birding competitions annually in a variety of categories.

Joining Crossley as Founding Directors are:

  • Tim Keyes, founder of the Georgia Youth Birding Competition,
  • James Curries Birding Adventures TV
  • Constance Campanella, Virginia-based business owner and bird activist and
  • Dr. Lowell “Rusty” Pritchard, environmental policy consultant and zoologist.

According to Crossley, “Youth birding competitions are extraordinary fun for everybody involved – most especially the young people. Competing takes planning and study and the “big day” itself combines the thrill of competition with the fun of being outdoors with friends. “

Regardless of the number of competitors or teams – every Race 4 Birds event brings competitors closer to nature and to their friend and mentors. Host organizations will receive extensive guidance through the R4B website and social media and by communicating with other event hosts.

R4B Foundation encourages everyone to embrace the guiding principles for Race 4 Birds events — FUN, FAIR, SAFE and ETHICAL birding.

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