Deer Hunting Season for Archers Opens 9-12-15

Starting Saturday, September 12, 2015, arrows will fly as deer hunting season for archers opens, according to our pal, Melissa Cummings, at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

In 2014, 128,545 archery hunters harvested almost 65,000 deer in Georgia.

“Early archery season is an excellent time to pattern deer before home ranges shift towards fall food sources,” said Charlie Killmaster, Georgia’s state deer biologist. “Mature bucks often haven’t adjusted to hunting pressure yet and may be more active during daylight.”

Georgia offers 111 state-operated wildlife management areas (WMAs) for the public’s use. You can find many public lands that offer specialty hunts, including primitive weapons hunts, adult/child hunts and ladies-only hunts. Dates and locations for these hunts are listed in the 2015-2016 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations guide.

Hunters are allowed a season bag limit of 10 antlerless deer and two antlered deer. One of the antlered deer must have at least four one-inch points on one side of the antlers.

Counties in the Metro Atlanta area offer either-sex archery deer hunting January 2-31. Deer of either sex may be taken with archery equipment at any time during the deer season on private land.

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