Georgia’s Wildlife Harvest Summaries

A friend from The Dancing Deer Forest ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland
A friend from The Dancing Deer Forest ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Our friends with the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) have compiled zillions of random facts in their Wildlife Harvest Summaries, along with information about harvesting other wildlife near Lake Allatoona and statewide, and boiled it down into an understandable format that is useful to hunters.

For example, it appears that the deer harvest dropped by approximately 10% since the previous survey.  Statewide, the harvest of bucks and does declined,  which facilitates a statewide goal of stabilizing the deer population.

GA DNR Deer Harvest Summary

WRD Deer Harvest Summary

The WRD uses a scientific telephone survey of hunters to accurately estimate the annual deer harvest.

According to the Wildlife Resources Division’s (WRD) website, the “goal to maintain a quality deer herd in Georgia, estimates of the state’s deer harvest, deer hunter effort, and deer hunter success are acquired each year and then used to inform development of hunting regulations in subsequent years to facilitate meeting desired management objectives.”

The survey also is used to ask timely and important questions regarding hunter opinions on hunting and conservation-related issues. The results of these attitude and opinion questions (social science) are often used to scientifically evaluate support or opposition for a particular issue or proposal and also to help inform changes in state hunting regulations.

You may view or print the wildlife harvest summaries by clicking the links below.

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