Lake Allatoona Fishing Report by First Bite Guide Service

Robert Eidson's First Bite Guide Service

Robert Eidson’s First Bite Guide Service

Robert Eidson’s Lake Allatoona Fishing Report is brought to you by First Bite Guide Service.  Contact Robert by e-mail at [email protected]  or call him at 770-827-6282 to catch stripers and hybrids!

Lines-sides fishing is Good, despite the rising water from the recent rains.

The lake is stained on both ends.  Debris is a real concern all over the lake right now so please be careful.  The good news is the fish are biting and can be caught almost anywhere on the lake right now.

The Hybrids have started their spawn runs up both the Etowah and Little River.  It has slowed down due to the recent rains.  However, it should get much better as the water starts to clear.  Most of the fish that are being caught are already spawn out.

The river bite should stay decent into the middle of May.  The main lake is also fishing well.  The fish that are returning out of the rivers are starting to school up from the Little River Bridge up to the delta, and from the S-Turns to Kelloggs Creek.  There is also a decent south end bite going on right now from Iron Hill to the bay out in from of 3rd Army.

The fish on the main lake are up in the water column and are very hard to mark on 2 D sonar.  If you have a Lowrance with side-scan, you can locate these fish by running your side scan setting on 60 feet on both sides.  These have been working Great for me on my Lowrance 12 in Touch.  If you don’t have side scan, the best way to find these fish is to put out a spread of planer boards and free lines and pull the banks and open water until you get bit.

Planner boards and freeing live shad on the main lake has been our best bite.  That’s accounting for at least 95% of our catch on both Lake Allatoona and Carters Lake.

Small- to middle-size gizzard shad and thread fins have been the ticket.  If throwing the net isn’t your cup of tea, Striper Soup Bait and Tackle in Acworth has plenty on hand.  I was in there earlier this week and the amount of bait in their tanks where very impressive.

Trolling has been decent but should get really good once the water temperature hits 70 degrees and the lake starts to clear.

Over all the bite on Allatoona is very good for almost the entire lake.

Spring is and awesome time to be on the water.  Grab the kids give us a call at 770 827-6282 and let’s go fishing.

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