First Bite Guide Service Fishing Report for Lake Allatoona (7-30-15)

Robert Eidson’s Lake Allatoona Fishing Report is brought to you by First Bite Guide Service.  Contact Robert by e-mail at [email protected]  or call him at 770-827-6282 to catch stripers and hybrids!

The bite this summer has been off the hook. The fish right now are in their late summer pattern. Cooper Branch, Stamp Creek, Iron Hill, Glade, Tanyard and Clark Creeks are the places to be right now.

We are catching somewhere between 20 – 60 fish per boat on most half day trips.

Down lines are the ticket. We are catching most of our fish off a 30 – 40 foot bottom. Bait is dying very quick at these depths because of the lack of dissolved oxygen. Carry plenty of bait with you. Most days we will go through 140-160 baits per boat. This doesn’t mean we’re catching 140 fish, it just means we are changing our baits every five minutes.  Shiners will last a little longer on a hook, but shad is still the ticket. Fresh bait is the key to running up big numbers.

We are netting bait pretty easy right now under our Hydro Glows but you must get to the lake early.

Call me and we’ll catch you some fish!

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