Boat Rentals on Lake Allatoona

Boat rentals on Lake Allatoona save money … and trucks.

For most of us, the best part of owning a boat is the first year of exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations that we can reach by water.  After that, things break … it’s too hot or rainy … and getting time off on beautiful days is harder than we imagined.  That’s when our ears perk up when we hear the words: “boat rentals on Lake Allatoona.”

If you live near the water or have a lake house, I hope you own five boats!  Why not?

But, for most of us, owning a boat sounds better than buying a timeshare.  We’re sure we’re going to use it!  We’re certain we only have to pop gas into the tank and away we go looking pretty!!!  Then we remember it’s hard to get the family around the dinner table without their smartphones … and we learn it’s even harder to schedule frequent days on the lake.

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Boat rentals on Lake Allatoona ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Renting a boat on the days when you want to go fishing, skiing, zooming, exploring or puttering around Lake Allatoona makes tremendous sense for the Average Joe, Above Average Jane and their Exceptional 2.5 kids.

Here’s how it works.  You call a marina and say, “Hi.  I want to rent a boat.”  They ask you when.  You ask them how much.  They tell you about a video you need to watch.  You say, “Okay.”

You drive to the marina.  Buy snacks and drinks.  They make sure you know what you’re doing.  You launch their boat and come back when your time is up.  Unless you call and ask for more time.

Rent a boat on Lake Allatoona at Paradise Rental Boats

Boat rentals on Lake Allatoona ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

When you’re done?  Ask another boater where you are and how to get back to your marina.  Have fun on the return trip.  Get out of their boat.  Settle your bill and go home.  Happy.

No more winter storage or insurance payments.  You never have to replace your inboard/outboard speedometer fluid or upgrade your propeller.

Sounds good, doesn’t it.

Fourth of July?  Yeah.  They’re all sold out.  Just about every other day of the year — like in the fall when the leaves change — available!

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can rent a boat on Lake Allatoona.

Is there really that much difference?

Boat Rentals on Lake Allatoona