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Daylight Saving Time Returns on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Daylight Saving Time mean the sun will set an hour later, but not really. ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Don’t ask why.  Just turn your clocks ahead for the switch to Daylight Saving Time at 2 AM on Sunday, March 11, 2018.  It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make sense, even if it’s as goofy as men wearing tassel loafers.

USACE Flood Risk Statement for Lake Allatoona

Cartersville is the best dam town in Bartow County. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Deputy Public Affairs Officer for the USACE Lisa Parker released a flood risk statement, due to the potential for flooding from recent rains.

Scott Jurek Sets Fastest Time Running the Appalachian Trail

Scott Jurek Running Up Katahdin to Finish AT ~~ From Scott Jurek's Facebook Page

Ultrarunner and ultra vegan Scott Jurek and his wife Jenny hope to start a family soon.  Before the fun begins, Scott wanted to cross one item off his bucket list.  Run the entire dang length of the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain (a few hills north of Lake Allatoona) all the way to the highest […]