Fishing With A Friend On Lake Allatoona.

I got a call this morning about 8, Robert  said it is pretty out, lets go fishing. I loaded my gear, put the boat (Lucille) on the truck and met   Robert at Galts at 10. We launched and headed south.
Putting out lines I had the first pull down but it ducked under the back of the boat and cut me off on the propeller, Robert and I both missed several minutes of fishing retying and fixing equipment then we were back at it. We fished downlines and planers but most bites came on the downlines and trout were all we had.
Marked a lot of fish and ended up with 9 in the boat. 8 hybrid and 1 striper and several misses. After the fish moved about 12, we trolled north looking and pulled u-rigs for a while without any more luck. Wind picked up just before noon but not nearly what we were expecting and we were off the water at 3.
If we had stayed with the original plan and got there at first light, we could have used up the 30 trout I had onboard.
All in all, a great day on the water with a good friend and entertainer, I even let him drive my boat some.