Sept 27 GREAT BITE ( Allatoona )

Today I fished with Bruce and his two friends Foster and Jean Emmanuel and their two sons Patrick and Paul Louis. I got word yesterday ( Thanks Cy ) that there was a very good top water bite on Allatoona. And decided to try Toona today instead of Lanier. The top water bite today was off the charts the boys Patrick and Paul Louis did a GREAT job casting and catching fish on their own on ultra lites. We ended the day with around 30 fish with 90% coming on top…..Bruce thank you for hiring my services and I look forward to fishing with you and the guys again soon….

We still have days open this week. Give me a at 770 827-6282 if you would like to get into some GREAT top water action….

Special thanks to Cy and Geeseman for helping me this morning. You guys are the greatest…..

I didn’t have much time to take pictures. But did manage a few before the action got good…