Tellus: Venus Transit & A Rockin’ Weekend

There are two ways to watch Venus pass in front of the sun in what is termed a “transit of Venus.”

1)  You can look directly at the sun and go blind.

2)  Stop by the Tellus Museum to observe this phenomenon perfectly safely.

Trust me, the correct choice is #2.

Venus transits are extremely rare.  There have only been six of these events since the telescope was invented.  The most recent occurrence was in 2004.  The next transit will happen in 2117.  That’s 105 years from now; not even your mother in law will be alive then.  Probably.

This celestial event occurs when Earth, Venus and the Sun line up so perfectly that we see a little black disc pass in front of the Sun.

Join us in the Tellus Museum theater at 6 PM to watch images from our observatory, while Astronomer David Dundee and other staff members give periodic commentary.   Other solar telescopes will be set up outside (weather permitting) allowing you to see this intriguing event until sundown.

After the sun sets, the museum will close at 9 PM but the observatory will remain open until 10 PM for star gazing. There will also be a live feed of the transit from the west coast, displayed on the observatory monitor.


The 22nd Annual RockFest begins at 10 AM on Saturday, June 9th.

Whether you are a mineral enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to spend time with family and friends, RockFest is a wonderful way to spend the day and learn about our earth and its treasures.

The day will also be full of giveaways.  One fortunate guest will win a grand prize: a beautiful 12″ splash copper specimen from Michigan!  Be sure to visit the indoor dealer area to register.

RockFest will be rocking from 10 AM until 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  The first 200 visitors each day will receive a free mineral or fossil specimen for their own collection.  Door prizes donated by RockFest dealers will be given away every hour.

During this event, mineral, fossil and jewelry dealers from around the Southeast United States will display and sell their rare and beautiful samples of geology from our state and all around the world.

Everyone is invited to bring their own geologic finds to be identified by experts at the Mineral and Fossil ID Tent.  Yes, this is your chance to see if that “big ugly rock” is really a meteorite or iron ore.  Could it be pyrite or is it pure gold?

Too tame for you?  Then play Rock Bingo!

The Café will have a food station outside where you can get a hot dog or a BBQ sandwich and a cold drink.  The Store will have a sale on minerals and fossils.  Members, stop by the Member Hospitality station for a special treat!

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