LakePoint Sports. Just a dream?

Dreamers don’t get no respect.

They’re considered Mountain Dew & Twinkies weirdos to those who prefer cold beer and wangs.

Trouble is … our kids end up working for nerdy dreamers with names like Gates and goofy dweebs who only wear blue jeans and black turtlenecks.

With that in mind, we bring you news of LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center.

If investors are lucky enough, their dreams of building

  • 16 big-league-sized baseball fields
  • 14 soccer/lacrosse fields
  • 18 tennis courts and
  • a 16-acre wake park

will return better results than their current website, which is like playing a horizontal slot-machine that never pays off with useful information.

[Try it yourself:  Start by clicking on Welcome.]

But I digress…

If LakePoint Sports only fulfills 10% of its dreams, this facility promises to be like Disney World for jocks (and Jills?).

Ropes courses, zip-lines, 300-acres for us slower folks to walk, jog or bike around, a resort hotel and restaurant … on Lake Allatoona?

I say, “Go for it!”  If you build it, I will come.  (But only to watch, probably.)

LakePoint … we wish you well!

Click Here for LakePoint Sporting Community