Lake Allatoona Association’s Cheer: “2-4-6-8 Clean!”

The Lake Allatoona Association (LAA) is a non-profit group dedicated to the preservation of Lake Allatoona, especially in terms of

•  decreasing shoreline erosion

•  bringing awareness to both state and federal agencies

•  the quality of water and

•  the lake’s recreational benefits.


LAA has released a formal “position paper” detailing its perspective on the issues affecting Lake Allatoona’s future.

This excerpt from LAA’s position paper will give you a good idea of their reasoning:

“The LAAs positions are a direct outgrowth of its responsibility for leadership and representation of local citizenry interests in stewardship of the God-given and mankind-enhanced environment with which our community has been blessed. The LAA believes that the execution of a combination of the below outlined recommended changes could result in routine Lake water levels improvements with a two foot increase in normal summer pool level, held 4 weeks longer, begun 6 weeks earlier, and an 8 feet winter pool drawdown reduction. Shorthand for this overall program is 2  4  6  8, Allatoona Clean.

This overall water level/stability improvement would support five important outcomes:

  1. Increase NW Georgia water supplies.
  2. Reduce water quality degradation.
  3. Improve Alabama River navigation water release capabilities.
  4. Improve Lake Allatoona recreation benefits.
  5. Continue to support power generation and flood control needs.”


We encourage you to learn more about the Lake Allatoona Association.

Click Here for the LAA 2-4-6-8 Plan

Click Here for the LAA Position Paper

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