Tellus “Lunch & Learn” on December 21st

There weren’t many Kodak cameras around when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so scientists make educated guesses about what the behemoths, leviathans and other seriously spooky critters might have looked like.

Every now and then, sci-geeks say “Ooops!” and recalculate their designs, just as we do after we say to ourselves, “Sure, disco outfits are out of style … but what the heck!  I’m going to wear it anyway!”

Therefore, the Appalachiosaurus on display at Tellus is about to change.  Now it will have shorter arms, in response to the most currently accepted description of the dinosaur.

Lunch & Learn — at noon on Friday, December 21, 2012 — will host a moderated panel.  Paleontologist Dr. David Schwimmer, Tellus Curator Julian Gray and Tellus Director Jose Santamaria will talk about what led to the change and how science is always changing.

Lunch and Learn is free for members and included in regular admission for non-members.  No outside food is allowed, but everyone is welcome to bring in food from the Tellus Café.

Presentations are recommended for ages 8 and up (unless otherwise indicated) and begin at 12:15.

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