Lake Allatoona Bridge Clearances

Some things aren’t worth worrying about.

If you are six feet tall, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a room with a seven foot or ten foot ceiling.  Either way, you’ll be fine because you couldn’t whack your head on the ceiling even if you jumped.

If your car is five feet high and your garage door gives you six feet of clearance, you’re cool.  Unless you tied your mother-in-law to the roof, nothing can go wrong putting your car away for the night.

If you have one of those sleek fishing boats that stick out of the water by five or six inches, you don’t really need to know how high the bridges are over Lake Allatoona.  But, just in case you win the lottery and want an exact replica of the sailboat shown at the end of the movie, Romancing the Stone, this information will be very helpful.

The Army Corps of Engineers keeps track of bridge clearances over Lake Allatoona.  They also keep track of the lake’s water levels.  To determine how much clearance you have, check the lake’s water level and compare it to the bridge clearances.

For example, today the lake is at 826.55 feet above sea level.

The clearance on Lake Allatoona’s lowest bridge — Tanyard Creek — is 842 feet.

That means you have more than 15 feet of clearance at Tanyard Creek.

Keep these two links handy and you’ll always be able to determine if your boat’s flying bridge will go flying off the next time you go under the Tanyard Creek bridge.

For the latest data on bridge clearances, click here.

For the latest data on Lake Allatoona’s water level, click here.