Georgia Wild: The DNR Wildlife Update (8-1-13)

turtle vs snakeThe latest edition of Georgia Wild is now available.

A lot of work goes into each one, as will be obvious when you take a moment to look one over.

You might not think your wild children will find Georgia Wild interesting, but wait until you ask them if they’d like to see a video of a snake tangling with a snapping turtle.

I love Georgia Wild’s snappy pop quizzes:

  1. What rare plants are found in southwest Georgia’s Bacon County?
  2. What unique ecosystem has been documented in metro Atlanta’s DeKalb County?

Don’t worry, the answers are given within interesting stories about wildlife in Georgia.

Georgia Wild is more than mere trivia, it has helpful solutions to common issues.  Even if you don’t remember the last time you were forced to fight off lions, tigers and bears in the wilderness, you might want to know how to keep your personal bird feeder clean and healthy.  Again, the answer to that quandary is in this month’s online magazine.

Best of all, it’s free.  For your copy, hit the link below.

Click Here for Georgia Wild