Walleye Fishing

Little girl with big walleye

Yes, gentlemen, this darling little 6-year-old girl from Chatsworth, GA, named Haley Bartenfield caught a 4.5 pound walleye while fishing with her dad on Carters Lake. No, gentlemen, we will never land a walleye that big.

Some truths hurt more than others.

I can deal with the fact that I’ll never be rich and/or famous and that I’ll never drive a Ferrari.

But it hurts to know I’ll never be as good at fishing as Haley Bartenfield, a six-year-old little cutie from Chatsworth, GA.

Haley took her dad fishing on Carters Lake recently.

One of them caught a 4.5 pound walleye.

Pound-for-pound and inch-for-inch, that would be like me catching a 240-pound, four-foot-long bass … and just about as likely.

Congratulations, Haley!  You are my hero.

According to reliable sources, there are many walleye pike in Carters Lake and Lake Allatoona.


The closest you and I will ever get to a walleye is this picture.

If you cannot fish any better than I can, this description will be as close as we’ll ever get to one:

The walleye is a torpedo-shaped fish ranging from dark olive-brown to yellowish gold, with brassy-flecked sides and a dark splotch at the rear of a spiny dorsal fin.

Walleye have two separate dorsal fins and the lower lobe of the tail is tipped with white.

The large, glassy eyes of walleyes reflect light at night; the effect can be quite spooky.

The non-fisherwoman's view of walleye by VelmaGiggleWink.

The non-fisherwoman’s view of walleye by VelmaGiggleWink.

If only there were a button to click to help us fish as well as Haley.

At least there are a few good tips on the Walleye Blog.

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