DNR Law Enforcement Report (5-6-13)

GA WildlifeThe men and women who enforce Georgia’s laws deserve our support.

OK.  Maybe not the ones who hope to catch you speeding at the bottom of a huge hill.

I mean the ones from Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division who venture into woods and swamps to catch perps like the ones who do the stuff below.

Thanks, Rangers.

Here are a few highlights from their recent Law Enforcement Report:

  • Taking a protected species, great blue heron shot  – Fulton County
  • Illegal crab traps confiscated – McIntosh County
  • Violation citations – several counties


The Wildlife Resource Division protects Georgia’s wildlife by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to:

  • game and nongame animals
  • threatened and endangered plants and animals
  • exotic animals
  • boating safety
  • litter and waste control
  • and other natural resource issues.

We appreciate DNR’s efforts to keep the wild outdoors as tame as possible.

Click Here for Law Enforcement Reports