Boat Explodes on Lake Lanier

burning boat

Not a 1957 Chris-Craft

Everything was going splendidly for three people aboard an antique 1957 Chris-Craft vessel on Lake Lanier on Father’s Day — until about 2 PM, when the boat caught fire and exploded near Buford Dam Park.

Three people on the craft suffered injuries, including burns.  The injuries were not life threatening.

Authorities with Gwinnett County’s fire department say the boat had mechanical problems, including stalling, prior to the incident.

Those issues indicate the explosion was an accident that might have resulted from the ignition of fuel vapors.  The craft did not have engine exhaust blowers in the bilge.  The source of the spark that set off the blast, however, was not specified.

We regret the loss of this floating work of art, but we are grateful that only the boat suffered permanent damage.

Please be careful with your boat upon Lake Allatoona.

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