Tellus Museum’s Lunch & Learn: Meet Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex at Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville

Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex at Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville

You won’t believe this, but some people don’t know how much fun it is to visit Tellus Science Museum at Exit 293 off I-75 in Cartersville.

Take their Lunch & Learn presentations, for example.  You’re welcome to spend an hour for lunch (or stay all day, if you’d like) at the museum’s Cafe from 12:15 to 1 PM.

You can pick up a tasty lunch from the Café — sorry, no outside food is allowed — and feed your mind while listening to fascinating lectures from scientists who know what they’re talking about.

On Wednesday, September 24th, the Lunch & Learn topic will be all about the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.  Dr. Dion Stewart, Professor of Geology at Georgia Perimeter College will use information gained from fossil records to tell you how fast the T-Rex could run and what kind of food it ate.

Good information to know, if you’re ever chased by one and you think it wants to eat you.  Until you remember you might be able to outrun a T-rex and that it was a vegetarian.  That, friends, is the kind of information you can use … and it’s only offered at Tellus Lunch & Learn events.

This month’s Lunch & Learn at Tellus takes place on Wednesday, September 24th at 12:15 PM.  The lecture is free for members and is included in the price of admission for non-members.

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