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Tellus Science Museum Postpones Wakeboarding Program

Special program at Tellus has been rescheduled!

  Yes, Tellus Science Museum will have an amazing lecture and hands-on demonstration all about wakeboarding and a fascinating fossil demonstration.  No, they will not have old fossils (like me) riding wakeboards.  Sorry. Some Georgians still believe that spring and warmer temperatures are just around the corner, although older and wiser men and women have […]

Meet R2D2 at Family Engineering Night at Tellus

R2D2 Comes to Tellus Science Museum on Friday, November 14, 2014

Cartersville’s Tellus Science Museum is bigger than you think, cooler than you think, more interesting than you think, and your friends of all ages will love it more than you think — especially during Family Engineering Night on Friday, November 14, 2014. BRING THE FAMILY FOR A NIGHT OF ENGINEERING FUN WITH INTERACTIVE ROBOTICS AND […]

Heavy Metal in Motion at Tellus Science Museum

This puppy could get you a parking space on a busy shopping day.  Anywhere you'd like.

The best toys for men, women, boys and girls are too expensive to buy.  Good thing they’ll be on display at Tellus Science Museum’s Heavy Metal in Motion extravaganza! You’ve heard the saying, “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.”  That’s just so wrong!  First of all, kids toys […]

Hellbender Mating Behavior Video


Thanks for your scientific interest in Hellbender Mating Behavior.  This post is about super-secretive, slimy creatures that are camouflaged, live under rocks and only come out at night. No, we’re not talking about the creepy guys dating your neighbor’s daughter or even your creepy relatives.  We’re talking about Eastern hellbenders. Hellbenders don’t ride motorcycles or have pierced eyeballs.  […]

Tellus Museum’s Lunch & Learn: Meet Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex at Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville

You won’t believe this, but some people don’t know how much fun it is to visit Tellus Science Museum at Exit 293 off I-75 in Cartersville. Take their Lunch & Learn presentations, for example.  You’re welcome to spend an hour for lunch (or stay all day, if you’d like) at the museum’s Cafe from 12:15 to 1 PM. […]

Big Brother is Watching Mottled Ducks

Could this satellite be tracking mottled ducks?

No, don’t worry.  That title is not some kind of code that will cause black helicopters to hover over your house.  (Probably.)  Researchers (think: tax dollars) are using satellites to track the movements of mottled ducks.  If you’re not a mottled duck, Big Brother isn’t watching you.  (Probably.) Mottled ducks along the Georgia coast are […]

Bat Blitz at Black Rock Mountain


Seriously, isn’t “Bat Blitz at Black Rock Mountain” the best title for a news story ever? Grab your Batman garb and take a trek to Black Rock Mountain State Park in northeast Georgia’s Rabun County the weekend of September 4-7, 2014, for the first Bat Blitz with the batty folks at the Georgia Bat Working Group. […]

Mineral Symposium at Tellus Science Museum

Come to the mineral symposium at Tellus Science Museum on Saturday, August 16, 2014.

You probably haven’t been to a mineral symposium in so long you don’t even remember how much fun you had.  Have I got good news for you! Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville has a mineral symposium scheduled for Saturday, August 16th that’s even better than all the others you’ve seen — combined! 10 AM Mineral […]

Model Train Exhibit at Tellus Science Museum

4 Great Reasons to Visit the Tellus Science Musuem This Weekend

All Aboard is the name of the model train exhibit at Tellus Science Museum. Tellus offers the rare opportunity for adventurers of all ages to touch stuff, learn stuff and see very cool stuff. This model train exhibit has railroad engines and cars rolling down more than 100 feet of track past scenes of an imaginary seaside […]

Rockfest! at Tellus Science Museum

Rockfest Will Rock Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville the weekend of June 14th.

Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville is calling all rock hounds, jewelry collectors, families and everyone fascinated by geology and/or rocks! RockFest returns to Tellus for two entire delightful days that will (probably) make everybody in the family have fun. No, it’s not just “sitting around looking at rocks,” princess.  There are lots of cool things to do: Hourly […]