Free Rides to Cars Abandoned on Interstates

Snowmageddon Gridlock in Atlanta

Snowmageddon Gridlock in Atlanta

As of noon on Thursday, January 30, 2014, the Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), National Guard troops and Georgia DOT HEROs will transport motorists to vehicles abandoned on the interstate during the recent storm and assist them in the process of retrieving their vehicles.

Motorists should bring car keys and driver’s license to check-in.

With or without this assistance, all individuals are strongly encouraged to recover their vehicles before nightfall today as officials may be required to have any remaining vehicles towed so that roadways and shoulders can be cleared.

Two staging areas for transport are open:

  • Motorists who left their vehicles on I-20 and I-285 west should report to the Westlake MARTA station (parking area), 80 Anderson Ave. SW, Atlanta.
  • Those who left their vehicle on I-75, the top end of I-285 and the Downtown Connector (I-75/I-85) should report to Mount Paran Church (parking area), 2055 Mount Paran Road, Atlanta.

If a vehicle had to be towed already for safety reasons, officials will have a database to help motorists determine at which impound facility it is located.  Authorities will provide transportation to the facility.  Again, motorists should bring car keys and driver’s license to check-in.

These abandoned vehicles are hindering clean-up efforts and will present a safety hazard as travel resumes.

State law (A.C.C.G. 32-6-2) stipulates vehicles considered by the Department and law enforcement agencies to be impeding the flow of traffic are to be removed by law enforcement if necessary.

NOTE:  A vehicle may not remain in the exact location where it was left, especially if it is in a travel lane.  Georgia DOT has partnered with Metro Atlanta towing companies to assist in moving such vehicles to the roadway shoulders.