Stinky Drinking Water from Lake Allatoona

The Cobb County Water System says the stinky drinking water from Lake Allatoona is safe to drink and is only a temporary condition.  That sounds fishy to many of their customers.

View from Lake Allatoona Visitor Center ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The nice people who work at the Cobb County Water System (CCWS) cannot control the weather, which means they cannot be held responsible for the stinky drinking water being drawn from Lake Allatoona.

At times, water can look weird too.  Sorry.  CCWS says, “If you have discolored water, you should open a cold water faucet and let the water run for up to five minutes. If the color does not clear up, please report the issue.”

This is just one more reason to drink bottled water or Diet Dr Pepper until the situation clears up.

Official CCWS Comments on Stinky Drinking Water

September 2018 Taste and Odor Complaints:

If your water has a musty or earthy smell and taste, the water is safe to drink.  The hot and dry weather has caused an increase of geosmin and MIB (2-Methyl-iso-Borneol) in Allatoona Lake. Geosmin and MIB are naturally occurring compounds found in surface water.  They affect only taste and odor, not the safety of the water.

Our wholesale water supplier has made an adjustment to their treatment process to reduce the impact.  Unfortunately, the issue will probably not resolve completely until we receive consistent rain.

For additional information on discolored water or taste and odor, please review these answers to Frequently Asked Questions Nos. 14-17 by clicking here.