Wanted: Lake Allatoona Park Attendant Contractors

The US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Allatoona wants to hire Park Attendant Contractors for 2019.  Yes, the government will pay you to spend the summer in a camper at Allatoona, in return for your service to visitors.

Sounds pretty sweet — except for the dealing with the public part — but lots of people actually enjoy that sort of thing.  If you are happy doing what Park Attendant Contractors do, this might be your perfect job and summer vacation all rolled into one for 2019.

Job Description for Park Attendant Contractors at Campgrounds

  • Campground and Day Use Positions Available
  • Help campers rent campsites through the Recreation.gov system
  • Issue Visitor Passes
  • Check campground for safety issues.
  • Open and close gates on time.

Job Description for Park Attendant Contractors at Day-Use Areas

  • Help public use automated fee machines
  • Issue annual or inter-agency park passes
  • Check parks for safety/operational issues
  • Open and close gates on time
  • Smile when you hear the same questions 1000 times a day.

Timothy Campion with the USACE offered insights into this job opportunity:

You’re absolutely correct that the park attendants open/close the gates day and night, answer the public’s questions on all manners of topics, and let people know what they can/can’t do.  Enforcing the rules is the Ranger’s job — attendants just let them know [the rules].  While some physical fitness is wanted, it’s not a labor-intensive job.

The attendants check-in/check-out campers and process any payments, such as if somebody walks up and wants a campsite without a reservation.  This requires some computer work, but the Corps trains all contractors prior to the start of the season.

The application process is a bit awkward, in my humble opinion.  Candidates are supposed to tell the USACE how much they want to be paid daily.   Call the USACE at 678-721-6700.  They’ll help you figure it out.