Lake Allatoona Crested 11 Feet Above Full Summer Pool

Lake levels go up and down, obviously.  It’s always surprising how much water levels can vary.  As of 1:15 PM on Thursday, March 7, 2019, Lake Allatoona’s waters rose to 851.13 feet above sea level.  That’s down from March 5th, when Lake Allatoona crested at 851.56 feet.

Lake Allatoona has two different “normal” levels.

Winter Pool lasts from December 1st through April 30th annually.  May 1st through the end of November is the time of Summer Pool.

High Water at Lake Allatoona ~ Photo courtesy of USACE

Full Winter Pool at Lake Allatoona is 820 feet above sea level.  That’s what the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) considers “full” at that time of year.  Today’s water level of 851.13 feet is over 31 feet higher than Full Winter Pool.

Most reports of the lake’s level refer to Full Summer Pool — the normal level of 840 feet.  That’s why you might hear that Allatoona is 11 feet above normal.

On Tuesday, March 5th, Allatoona crested at 851.16 feet — 31 feet above Full Winter Pool or 11 feet above Full Summer Pool.

Please Note:  If you’re lost, don’t worry.  There won’t be a pop quiz.  Probably.

According to my pal, Marissa at the USACE office at Allatoona Lake, the highest water level ever recorded there was 861.19 feet above sea level on April 10, 1964.  That’s a foot over the official designation of 860 feet, which is Flood Level.

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