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Busy Memorial Day Weekend Camping on Lake Allatoona

Upper Stamp Creek Park

The unofficial start of summer is here.  That means it’s going to be a busy Memorial Day Weekend camping around Lake Allatoona.

Memorial Day Weekend on Lake Allatoona Will Be a Hot One

The Sun ~ Courtesy of

The Memorial Day weekend on Lake Allatoona will be a hot one.  “Like seven inches from the midday sun,” to quote Santana’s song, Smooth.

DOT: “Stay Put! Don’t Drive” (2-12-14)

Most area roads in North Georgia look like my driveway.

Georgia is closed.  A State of Emergency has been declared for 91 counties in the state. More than 60,000 customers in Atlanta are without power. Roads are frozen and worse weather is coming. With the threat of a “catastrophic” storm looming, Georgia DOT dump trucks mounted with snow plows and spreaders, escorted by Georgia State […]

Weather & Closings for Acworth (Noon 2-11-14)

Acworth, Georgia

At this time City Roads and County Roads are in good condition. Motorist are urged to monitor weather information closely as temperatures just north of Cobb County have dropped below freezing and some roadway icing has been reported. The city has materials to treat the city’s main roadways and employees are working around the clock […]

Updated: Area Fireworks Postponed

7-4 weather radar

Many areas that had fireworks displays planned for the 4th of July have postponed their celebrations due to the forecast of heavy rains and thunderstorms. This list might not be complete, due to last minute changes, but we’ll do our best to keep you informed. If you’re wondering if your local fireworks have been postponed, […]

Stormy Weather for July 4th on Lake Allatoona

7-4 weather radar

Stormy weather is on the way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the Fourth of July. We just have to move the party indoors. The Weather Channel and the National Weather service are predicting storms that could prove to be nasty. The latest “special weather statement” is printed below.  Take heed. Don’t drive through […]

Updated July 4th Weather for Lake Allatoona

Big Bear Lake

Weatherpeople get teased enough.  They’re the experts, not us.  Their jobs aren’t that easy, you know. OK.  That’s a lie.  Their jobs ARE easy … when the weather is nice, at least. There’s more to being Weather Babes than dimples, toothy smiles, poofy hair and arm swinging that would make Vanna White jealous.  They must […]

Weather for the 4th of July


For more years than I can remember, I worked on the radio.  I read weather forecasts all day long. One lesson remains from those days: Weather forecasts are educated guesses. Many times it rained when the forecast said it would not.  Other times rain was predicted and it didn’t rain. You cannot plan your life […]

Don’t Go Fishing ~ Go Catching!

Mister Bass

Do you know why some people catch fish and others don’t? Of course not.  Neither do I.  That’s why we never catch any fish. Georgia’s waters offer anglers some of most diverse fishing opportunities in the southeast with more than 500,000 acres of reservoirs and 12,000 miles of warm water streams. Now, thanks to the friendly […]

Lake Allatoona is On the Rise


Thankfully, Lake Allatoona is on the rise. At midnight on March 3, 2013, the water level of Lake Allatoona was 834.83 feet above mean sea level.  A year ago today, the lake was at 835.20 feet. Full pool, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers, is 840 feet. Therefore, as of midnight on March 3rd, […]