Bird Watching Is Not for the Birds

If you think this is a crow, please contact a birder.

Bird watching gets no respect.

Those of us who can tell the difference between an indigo bunting and a bluebird conceal our unpopular habits, in the same way people hide the fact that they once owned ugly cars, like AMC Gremlins or Pontiac Azteks.

There’s no shame in enjoying the variety and beauty of birds.

[Attention Doubters: Can you fly?]

Our unfeathered friends at the Army Corps of Engineers are now offering a free birding checklist for species that are commonly found near Lake Allatoona.  Our only hope is that you will download a copy for yourself and become hooked on watching birds.

Learning to identify birds by their songs, calls, markings, and they way they fly or perch is (dare I admit it?) exciting.  (OK.  It’s not as exciting as riding a sport bike through Deal’s Gap, but it’s close.)

And, should you be the birder who finds an ivory-billed woodpecker, you’ll be more famous than Pele and Mel Torme combined!


Click Here to Obtain Your Free Birding Checklist