“About” LakeAllatoona.com

Once upon a time, there was a land where there was no Internet.  There were no iPhones, iPads, personal computers or worries about zombie invasions.

Opie and Beaver ruled over the people and everyone was happy.

To shop, you had to drive to a store.  Or you could send away for a brochure … and wait 4-6 weeks before it would arrive in what was called the “mail.”

There were buildings called “libraries” that were filled with nothing but books … and women who wore their hair in “a bun.”  These women were called “librarians” and they alone knew the mysteries of what was called “The Do We Dismal System” that they used to hide books on random shelves in order to keep their jobs.

Now, we have the Internet.  We have (ta-da!) LakeAllatoona.com!

Whatever you’d like to know about Lake Allatoona is a mere click away.

  • Boat ramp elevation information
  • Bridge clearance data
  • General information about the lake
  • GPS coordinates of the lake’s parks
  • History of Lake Allatoona
  • Location info
  • Status of beaches and boat ramps
  • Water level facts and schedules
  • Weather forecasts


If you have a question “about” Lake Allatoona, click on LakeAllatoona.com/About/