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DNR Law Enforcement Reports Return!

DNR Law Enforcement Division ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

No, Batman & Robin, Superman and other assorted superheroes have not eradicated crime and illegal stupidity in and around Lake Allatoona.  The weekly Law Enforcement Reports website has been getting tuned up … and it’s back! Our friends at the DNR Law Enforcement Division posted this note for you: Thank you for your patience over […]

Hellbender Mating Behavior Video


Thanks for your scientific interest in Hellbender Mating Behavior.  This post is about super-secretive, slimy creatures that are camouflaged, live under rocks and only come out at night. No, we’re not talking about the creepy guys dating your neighbor’s daughter or even your creepy relatives.  We’re talking about Eastern hellbenders. Hellbenders don’t ride motorcycles or have pierced eyeballs.  […]

29th Annual Great Lake Allatoona Clean Up

The Great Lake Allatoona Clean Up

Join the community at the 29th Annual Great Lake Allatoona Clean Up on Saturday, September 27, 2014. Come on your own, bring the family or make it a team endeavor, just definitely come out late September to do your part in helping clean up the shores of our great lake. The 4,000 plus volunteers of the […]

Big Brother is Watching Mottled Ducks

Could this satellite be tracking mottled ducks?

No, don’t worry.  That title is not some kind of code that will cause black helicopters to hover over your house.  (Probably.)  Researchers (think: tax dollars) are using satellites to track the movements of mottled ducks.  If you’re not a mottled duck, Big Brother isn’t watching you.  (Probably.) Mottled ducks along the Georgia coast are […]

Snakes in Georgia Imperiled by Fungal Disease

Snake Fungal Disease was found in one snake in Georgia.

If snakes in Georgia could talk (Pleasant dreams!), they would say, “There’s a fungus among us.”  Snake Fungal Disease — which some scientists have compared to the illness killing bats by the millions — has been documented in one wild snake in Georgia. An emaciated mud snake from Bulloch County tested positive last month for […]

Apply for Quota Hunts Starting June 1, 2014

Wildlife Resources Division of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources

As of June 1, 2014, sportspeople of all ages can apply electronically for quota hunts including adult/child permits, deer, alligator, waterfowl, dove and many others, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division. A quota hunt is a scheduled event at a Wildlife Management Area or other state-managed property where a limited number […]

Fewer Right Whales Left Off Georgia’s Coast

Right Whale Calf ~~ Photo Courtesy of GA's Department of Natural Resources

Georgia Wild says only ten North Atlantic right whale calves have been spotted off the coasts of Florida and Georgia recently.  That’s about half the average normally seen since 2000. Scientists monitoring the bus-sized whales off the coasts of Georgia and north Florida — the only known calving grounds for endangered North Atlantic right whales — […]