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April Events in Georgia’s State Parks

Volunteer at Lake Allatoona's Red Top Mountain State Park

Georgia is a paradise with beautiful parks and historic sites.  One of the most difficult decisions we face is where to spend our recreation time because there are so many options. Our friends at Georgia State Parks have made things worse by offering special events around the state.  Here are a few that will help […]

News of Infected Bats in Georgia

A bat with white-nose syndrome. ~ Photograph courtesy of GA DNR

I knew you’d like that headline.  Don’t worry.  You won’t awake at 3 AM with bats in your bedroom.  Probably. A disease affecting bats is spreading in Georgia.  It’s not a threat to us, but white-nose syndrome is deadly to bats. On March 4th, a team led by DNR biologist Trina Morris found significant evidence […]

Youth Birding Competition & T-Shirt Art Contest

Anna Hamilton Won the 2013 Grand Prize in the Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Art Contest

Talented young people in Georgia are taking part in two related challenges.  Teams of birdwatchers will compete to see which team can find the most birds in a 24-hour period.  Artists will compete to see whose artwork will adorn the official Youth Birding Competition T-shirts for 2014. Do you know any young people who create pictures […]

“Close Encounters of the Bird Kind” in GA’s Parks

For extra fun try to find an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in any of Georgia's State Parks!

You won’t believe this, but there are people who would rather watch I Love Lucy reruns than observe the live birds in their own backyards.  Really! Our feathered friends will visit often for a drink of water and a few crumbs.  They’ll even sing for their supper! You can see birds without investing a dime […]

Georgia’s Bald Eagle Webcam

Georgia's Bald Eagles

The bald eagle is a majestic bird that is worthy of being America’s national animal and one of the iconic symbols of our great nation. If you’ve never seen one yourself, you will appreciate the opportunity to do so via a live-streamed video of bald eagles courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources, Berry College […]

First Day Hikes at Red Top Mountain State Park & Around Georgia

First Day Hikes Start the Year Off Right!

Let’s start the New Year in a healthy way!  Let’s hit the trails at Georgia’s state parks and join fun folks on a First Day Hike!  Every one of our 40+ state parks has something special planned. If we start 2014 with healthy new habits, we have a better chance of going for a First […]

Red Top Mtn’s Harvest at the Homestead

Volunteer at Lake Allatoona's Red Top Mountain State Park

Summers are fabulous on Lake Allatoona — especially at Red Top Mountain State Park.  But many folks prefer autumn’s warm afternoons and chilly nights to hot summer days and muggy evenings. Autumn is also packed with festivals all around Georgia.  For example, on Saturday & Sunday, September 21 & 22, from 10 AM until 4 […]

Invite Migratory Birds to Your Backyard

Gray Catbird ~~ Photo by Terry W. Johnson

The Department of Natural Resources publishes a monthly newsletter — Georgia Wild — that is a delight to nature lovers, no matter where they live. This portion, written by Terry W. Johnson, deals with bird migration and how we can entice our feathered friends to stop in our yards all around Lake Allatoona. “The frightening […]

Lake Allatoona Campground Closing Dates

Several Lake Allatoona Campgrounds Closing for the 2013 Season

Camping at Lake Allatoona is always relaxing and fun, but it’s even nicer when the sun comes out.  After a dreary summer, there’s still a bit of time to go camping before Labor Day at some of Georgia’s most beautiful campsites. If you can’t make it right away, don’t worry.  McKinney Campground is open all […]

“Becoming an Outdoor Woman” Classes


To some men and women, the outdoors is the domain of bugs, snakes, poison ivy and creepy critters. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center has the perfect program for ladies who would like to learn about hunting, fishing, boating and other recreational skills in the great outdoors. Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a […]