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Georgia’s Best Website for Leaf Watching

Vogel Park in Fall

OK, it’s Georgia’s only official website for leaf watching.  It’s still everything a leaf peeper could hope for! If you’re one of the bazillion or so people in Georgia who go out and “look at the leaves” rather than watch football, I have good news for you! “Leaf Watch 2012” — brought to you by […]



Once upon a time, there was a land where there was no Internet.  There were no iPhones, iPads, personal computers or worries about zombie invasions. Opie and Beaver ruled over the people and everyone was happy. To shop, you had to drive to a store.  Or you could send away for a brochure … and […]

Army Corps of Engineers at Allatoona Needs Friends

Army Corps of Engineers at Allatoona Needs Friends

Facebook gives new meaning to the word “friends.”  Now we can be best friends with people we’ve never met … and are never going to meet. That’s OK, because we would never share the intimate personal details of our lives that we post on Facebook with anyone we really know. Our friends at the US […]

Georgia’s Free State Parks e-Newsletter


Almost everyone agrees Georgia is the most beautiful and perfect state in America.  (Hawaii is a close second.) Georgia is like spending time in a park, no matter which part of the state you’re enjoying.  It would take a lifetime to witness all the splendor Georgia has to offer, so you’d better start hopping if […]

Fourth of July Weather Forecast


It’s the 4th of July!!!  Aren’t you glad our Founding Fathers didn’t declare America’s independence in the middle of the winter?  Just one more reason why we live in the greatest nation on earth! Here’s today’s weather forecast for Lake Allatoona: • Some clouds with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon.  (Sure, there is […]

Heat Advisory Issued for Lake Allatoona

acworth police

It is the mission of the Acworth Police Department to provide fair, impartial, and excellent law enforcement service to our community. To that end, we pledge to pursue the highest levels of training and education available, and to offer our community the highest levels of professionalism to the best of our ability. A heat advisory […]

Seven Rules for Meeting a Bear Camping in the Woods

Seven Rules for Meeting a Bear Camping in the Woods

Although it’s unlikely you’ll meet a bear camping in the woods, you might actually meet a bear while YOU are camping in the woods. Should that happen, follow these seven simple rules: Rule Number One:  There are 5,100 bears in Georgia’s woods.  There’s probably only one of you.  Tick them off and they win. Rule […]

Lake Allatoona’s Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona's Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona is more than a lake! But even if you-know-who cannot muster the effort not to be grumpy at such a beautiful place, there’s more to do nearby than merely fishing, swimming, camping, boating, flying a kite, walking in the woods, picnicking, relaxing, hiking, finding cool bugs and/or bunnies in clouds, dancing squirrels, fireflies that flash […]

Bird Watching Is Not for the Birds

Bluebird of Happiness

Bird watching gets no respect. Those of us who can tell the difference between an indigo bunting and a bluebird conceal our unpopular habits, in the same way people hide the fact that they once owned ugly cars, like AMC Gremlins or Pontiac Azteks. There’s no shame in enjoying the variety and beauty of birds. [Attention […]