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Dock Permits Temporarily Suspended

boat dock

The Allatoona Lake Army Corps of Engineers’ Chief Ranger of Recreation Linda Hartsfield confirmed with that Rangers have temporarily suspended evaluations of permit requests for new private docks, requests for upgrades to existing private docks, and proposed shoreline stabilization projects on Lake Allatoona. Water safety is a higher priority during the busy summer season on […]

Lake Allatoona Marinas

Lake Allatoona Marinas

Ever heard that old saying, “Any port in a storm”? Yeah.  Uhhh, I hate to break this to you … but that doesn’t mean you can tie up on any dock you see when your boat goes all Titanic on you. I have good news, matey! Lake Allatoona has eight marinas to serve you … and […]

Operation Dry Water Cracks Down on BUI

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are teaming up across the country to educate the public on the dangers of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) and to arrest boaters on Lake Allatoona and elsewhere who violate the law. BUI was a factor in the recent boating deaths on Lake Lanier.  Conservation rangers have made 63 […]

Lake Allatoona’s Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona's Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona is more than a lake! But even if you-know-who cannot muster the effort not to be grumpy at such a beautiful place, there’s more to do nearby than merely fishing, swimming, camping, boating, flying a kite, walking in the woods, picnicking, relaxing, hiking, finding cool bugs and/or bunnies in clouds, dancing squirrels, fireflies that flash […]

Hit & Run Boating Tragedy on Lake Lanier

Hit & Run Boating Tragedy on Lake Lanier

Just before 11 PM on Monday, June 18, 2012, a pontoon boat carrying individuals from four families in Gwinnett County was traveling in the Shoal Creek area near Buford Dam on Lake Lanier.  In spite of having its lights on, their boat was hit head-on by a speeding center-console fishing boat. The fishing boat left […]

Lake Allatoona Drowning Victim Identified


Another life was lost on Lake Allatoona on Saturday, June 2, 2012. James Marquez Prater, 28, of Cedartown, GA, was known to be a good swimmer.  Mr. Prater and family members rented a boat and used it to pull an inflatable inner tube, according to authorities.  Mr. Prater was riding the tube at the time […]

Buying a Lake House with a Dock?


The most important thing you should know about buying a house with a dock on Lake Allatoona is (ready?) you should invite me for dinner. After that, things can get a bit more complicated. Do yourself a favor and verify that the property you are purchasing comes with a dock permit.  Simply call the Allatoona Project Management […]

Lodging Near Lake Allatoona


Lake Allatoona is the perfect spot to spend a few days or the summer with friends and family. But figuring out where to stay could give Captain America heartburn. Relax, citizen!!!  Your superhero friends at have worked tirelessly for truth, justice (OK, that’s a lie) and where to stay when you visit Lake Allatoona (that’s […]

Drowning on Lake Allatoona

Crump + Stevens

Sad news to report this Memorial Day weekend. Rigoberto Lara Hernandez, 34, of Woodstock, GA, drowned in Lake Allatoona, near Galts Ferry on Sunday, May 27, 2012.  Rescuers were notified just before 2 PM that Mr. Hendandez was swimming and was found later floating lifeless. Alert citizens tried to save Mr. Hernandez on the scene […]

World’s Largest Water Slide in Acworth?

Acworth Water Slide at Dallas Landing Park

OK, I am not going to lie to you.  I don’t have a clue if the gigantic water slide at Acworth’s Dallas Landing Park is the biggest one in the world. For all I know, the Grand Poobah of Rackafrackastan has a bigger one in his dining room.  Our kids don’t have to know that.  […]