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Tellus “Lunch & Learn” on December 21st

Tellus "Lunch & Learn" on December 21st

There weren’t many Kodak cameras around when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so scientists make educated guesses about what the behemoths, leviathans and other seriously spooky critters might have looked like. Every now and then, sci-geeks say “Ooops!” and recalculate their designs, just as we do after we say to ourselves, “Sure, disco outfits are out of style […]

Tellus’ Member Appreciation Day

4 Great Reasons to Visit the Tellus Science Musuem

Tellus Science Museum could not exist without its faithful members. Members — and prospective members — are invited to come to Tellus for Member Appreciation Day on Saturday, December 1st from 9:30 AM until 4 PM.  They’ll even provide lunch for members.  Observatory Viewing takes place from 2 PM until 8. Member Appreciation Day will feature members-only […]

LaserFest at Tellus Science Museum

LaserFest at Tellus Science Museum

Family Science Night at Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville will light up with interactive laser exhibits, Mad Scientists and a unique planetarium laser show during LaserFest on Friday, November 2nd. The exhibits — developed by Georgia Tech’s Research Institute (GTRI) — are shining examples of the global celebration of the laser’s 50th anniversary in 2010. GTRI […]

Reminder: Tellus’ Night at the Museum IV


Cartersville’s Tellus Science Museum gets better and better. Tellus’ popular Night at the Museum returns on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012 from 6 – 10 PM. Night at the Museum IV will rock your kids into loving science! Imagine!  No more pleading with them to study science and math that you and I could not possibly understand.  […]

The Science of Fireworks at Tellus Museum

July 4th Fireworks in North Georgia

Historians are not normally thought of as funny (as in “ha-ha”) people.  But they know some pretty clever stuff.  For example: •  Why was Washington not born on Washington’s Birthday? •  Why did the century begin in 2001, not 2000? •  Did the pope actually rule ten days out of existence? •  Why won’t the year […]

Lake Allatoona’s Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona's Finest Attractions

Lake Allatoona is more than a lake! But even if you-know-who cannot muster the effort not to be grumpy at such a beautiful place, there’s more to do nearby than merely fishing, swimming, camping, boating, flying a kite, walking in the woods, picnicking, relaxing, hiking, finding cool bugs and/or bunnies in clouds, dancing squirrels, fireflies that flash […]

Tellus: Venus Transit & A Rockin’ Weekend


There are two ways to watch Venus pass in front of the sun in what is termed a “transit of Venus.” 1)  You can look directly at the sun and go blind. 2)  Stop by the Tellus Museum to observe this phenomenon perfectly safely. Trust me, the correct choice is #2. Venus transits are extremely rare.  […]

New Planetarium Shows at Tellus Museum

hubble 2

Cartersville’s Tellus Science Museum will help you keep your eyes on the skies with its latest imaginative planetarium shows. If you’ve ever dreamed of riding roller coasters on other planets, you should 1) stop eating spicy foods before bedtime and 2) plan to watch “Planetary Thrill Rides II” — sequel to Tellus’ most popular planetarium presentation. […]